Enhancing robot rail lubrication in an automotive glass workshop.


This case study focuses on improving the lubrication of robot rails in an automotive glass workshop. These robots are essential for the precision handling and placement of automotive glass, and their smooth operation is crucial for maintaining production efficiency.


The robots required stoppages for lubrication, which was only performed during scheduled production halts. This situation led to increased production costs due to frequent interruptions. The rails were often insufficiently lubricated during regular operation, leading to potential wear and reduced efficiency. The necessity to halt production for maintenance also disrupted workflow, diminishing overall productivity.


To address these issues, a Memolub HPS lubrication system was installed, utilizing Tribol GR 100-0 PD grease. The system was configured to expel 0.9 cm³ of grease every 18 hours, ensuring consistent and reliable lubrication. With this setting, the 120cc cartridge lasts for four months before needing replacement. This setup ensures that the lubrication is maintained without the need for frequent manual intervention.


The implementation of the Memolub HPS Standard system resulted in significant improvements. The automated lubrication system reduced the need for manual intervention, leading to fewer production interruptions. The robot rails were consistently and effectively lubricated, ensuring smooth and efficient operation of the robots. This, in turn, lowered maintenance costs by reducing the frequency of manual lubrication and associated production halts. The overall maintenance burden was lessened, enhancing the operational efficiency and productivity of the automotive glass workshop.

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Memolub® HPS

  • Reusable autonomous single & multi-point lubrication system.
  • Battery powered.
  • 25 bar ejection pressure.
  • Up to 8 outlets.
  • Remote installation up to 8 m.
  • 52 Settings.
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