Ball mills at a gold processing facility.


An Australian based gold producer operates 2 ball mils in its gold processing facility. The original set up had the pinion and trunnion bearings lubricated by the same centralised system.


The differential between the lubrication rates of both the pinion bearing and trunnion bearing was too great. The customer was over lubricating the pinion bearing to ensure the trunnions bearings received adequate lubrication. Imagine the lubricant waste and cleanliness. Also, both types of bearings were lubricated with the same lubricant despite the differences in load, temperature, speed and environments the bearings where exposed to.


One single MEMOLUB® DS electronic box and two MEMOLUB® DS pumps where installed. Each pump supplies lubricant to 2 pinion bearings on each mill. Mill 1 has a six point distributor lubricating two bearings and four labyrinth seals. Mill 2 has a four point distributor lubricating two bearings and two labyrinth seals. Each distributor block is fitted with a proximity sensor to send conformation the site control system that lubrication is taking place.


The system has operated without issue for 12 months. The mills operate in a tuff environment ambient temperature is between zero in the winter and forty plus in the summer. Bearings are bombarded with water, slurry and dust, all of which have in the past dramatically shortened the bearing life. Condition monitoring has indicated that the bearings remain in good condition.

Financial savings:

  • Grease consumption.
  • Use of a more economical grease in pinion bearings.
  • Bearing longevity and reduced service requirements.
  • Reduction in unscheduled maintenance.
  • Improved operational up time and production.
Memolub goldmine 1
Memolub goldmine 2
Memolub ds 1 2

Memolub® DS

  • Reusable multi-point lubrication system.
  • 24V powered.
  • 70 bar ejection pressure.
  • Up to 20 outlets.
  • Remote installation up to 20m.
  • PLC driven settings if desired.
  • Flexible pumping cycle settings.
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