Memolub ds 1 2


The low pressure system that preserves lubricant performance.

  • Reusable multi-point lubrication system.
  • 24V powered.
  • 70 bar ejection pressure.
  • Up to 20 outlets.
  • Remote installation up to 20m.
  • PLC driven settings if desired.
  • Flexible pumping cycle settings.

A high performance, patented pump powered by compressed air.

MEMOLUB® DS's dosing pump is patented and powered by external compressed air supply. The 2 extra air outlets allow you to place additional pumps in series, making the system super scalable. Depending on the settings, the daily output of the pump can vary between 2,25cm3 and 648cm3. The low pressure pump of this system avoids clogging.

Memolub DS Pump

The electronics, decentralised.

The MEMOLUB® DS' ELECTRONIC BOX is at the hart of your decentralised lubrication system. It includes a control panel with endless flexibility in terms of frequency settings, build in sockets for power supply and PLC connections, 6 bar air pressure inlets and an optional lubrication monitoring module.

Memolub DS Electronic Box

Multi-flow, multi-product, multi-point.

MEMOLUB® DS allows you to adjust the flow setting of every individual pump within your lubrication system. The system is thanks to MEMOLUB® custom made accessories usable with all standard lubricant packagings and can handle unlimited number of different lubricants per installation. Lubricate up to 20 points per pump and install the system up to 20 meters from the lubrication point.

Memolub DS Installed

Low pressure lubrication system

Low pressure system with flexible tubes, designed to prevent lubricant deterioration and clogging risk reduction.


Unmatched performance

Centralised and secured electronic steering box, compatible with multiple types of lubricants and up to 20 lubrication points per pump.

Tool lub

Lubricant friendly

System adapted to lubricant constraints and suitable for all quality lubricants (grease+oil). Compatible with all standard lubricant packagings.


Cost effective

Low energy consumption, inexpensive installation and low maintenance cost.

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