Conveyors and blower fans at a building waste recycling plant.


A Building Waste Recycling plant uses blower fans to remove plastic waste and light material from the line and several conveyors to move sorted material to different processes in the plant. The fans are subject to large thermal variations due cold nights when stopped and hot days during summer. The plant area is an extremely dusty environment that is washed down by hose regularly.


Lubrication needs to be maintained regularly to ensure that the grease acts as a secondary bearing seal to prevent water and dirt ingress. Conveyor failure can result in a 4 hour stoppage, for the blower fans stoppages can fluctuate between 4 and 8 hours.


Multiple MEMOLUB® VISIO automatic lubricators where installed in combination with a distributor block to lubricate and to maintain purge the bearings of both the conveyor and blower fans.


  • Extended lifetime of the bearings, and failures are no longer lubrication related.
  • MEMOLUB® VISIO's visual feedback system can be seen from the control room, operators are now comfortable that bearings are getting lubricated.
Memolub Application Building Waste 4
Memolub Application Building Waste 3
Memolub Application Building Waste 2
Memolub Application Building Waste 1
VISIO Animated LED

Memolub® Visio

  • Visual alerts
  • Battery powered
  • 25 bar ejection pressure
  • Up to 12 lubrication points simultaneously
  • Remote installation up to 8m
  • 62 frequency settings
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