Cartridges with your preferred lubricant.

A variety of lubricants, both oils and greases up to NGLI2 with an oil base up to 1500 cSt can be used with MEMOLUB®'s automatic lubrication systems. Thanks to the cartridge filling service MEMOLUB® offers, every automatic lubricator in the MEMOLUB® range can be tailored to your specific lubrication needs, independent from the lubricant brand you use.

Below you can find an indicative overview of frequently used lubricants in MEMOLUB® cartridges.

Memolub Cartridges
Memolub Castrol
Memolub Cogelsa
Memolub Setral
Memolub Fuchs
Memolub Kluber
Memolub Q8 Oils
Memolub Shell
Memolub Total Energies
Memolub Wolf
Memolub Mobil
Memolub Bechem
Memolub Petronas
Memolub Repsol
Memolub Chevron
Memolub Exol
Memolub Super Lube
Memolub Bel Ray
Memolub Chemie Technik
Memolub Lubriplate Lubricants
Memolub Lubrication Engineers
Memolub Petro Canada
Memolub Whitmore
Memolub Schaeffer
Memolub Phillips66
Memolub Quacker Houghton
Memolub Royal Oil
Memolub Service