Memolub Accessories Tech Specs UFB



The universal fast bracket - UFB - is a fastening accessory to quickly mount automatic lubricators and/or distributor blocks on various supports. This accessory is particularly interesting in the following cases:

  • When accessibility and/or available time makes a traditional installation difficult or impossible
  • When only manual tools are allowed for the installation (ATEX environments, fire permits)
  • When the installation is temporary - for test or validation purposes.


The UFB consists of two parts, made of A2 stainless steel:

  1. A universal bracket compatible with :
    • any lubricator having a G1/4'' outlet,
    • any U-type progressive distributor block - DB - from 2 to 12 outputs: IHI, HALSLUBE, ARYUNG, KLT,
    • common inductive sensors for DB indicating rods,
    • the MEMOLUB SPLITTER accessory.
  1. A fast clamp with M12 blot (19mm spanner) for a one-step, one-tool mounting of the bracket on various supports:
  • Vertical and horizontal beams, up to IPE/IPN/UPE/UPN600, HEA500, HEB360, HEM160,
  • Metal gratings and grid pannels,
  • Vertical, horizontal, left- and right-sided thin walls (max 25mm thick).

Important notes

The UFB is immune to vibrations, but has a limited clamping force due to the folded shape of the clamp part. Therefore the M12 bold should be tightened until the clamp - or the bracket - begins to (un)fold.

The UFB may be used for multipoint systems, by combining distributor blocks with pumps. In the particular case of memolub systems, we always recommend removing the pump from its support prior to changing cartridges and/or batteries.

The items supported by the bracket may be assembled indifferently before or after mounting the UFB on its support.

Note that the universal bracket is also compatible with traditional mounting through M6-bolts (drilled support). This allows to:

  • secure the fastening of a fast-clamped bracket, or
  • use the bracket alone, without the fast clamp.


Configuration coding

Position for M12 BOLT Position for clamp tooth Position for the G1/4'' lubricator outlet, the DB indicating rod or the MEMOLUB SPLITTER*
5 A 1

*The configurations ensure that the mounted elements are consistently positioned outside the bracket, i.e., on the unengraved side. For distributor blocks, the indicating rod will consistently align with the designated hole for the inductive sensor, serving as a positioning reference.

Configurations table

Each configuration in the table below refers to a code explained in the above table. Actually there are many other configurations possible, but they may interfere with mounting tools or accessories - like indicating rods or cables.

Mounted part Horizontal wall Vertical wall, right edge Vertical wall, left edge Vertical wall, top edge Others (vertical wall/bottom edge, metal gratings, grid pannels)
G1/4'' Lubricator 3B1 2A5 5A1 5C1 5B1
DB + elbow 5B1 2A4 5A1 5C1 5B1
Splitter 3B2 2A5 5A2 5C2 5B2

As there two possible outlet ports for MEMOLUB U-type distributor blocks (one being factory-sealed off), the number of possible configuration can be doubled if the elbow M-F G1/8''-G1/4'' and the sealing plug are exchanged. This has to be considered according to the customer requirements and preferences.


  • 1

    Choose the support where the UFB shall be clamped. According to the supported items, select the code given in the configuration table.

  • 2

    Insert the M12 screw in the hole labelled with the first number of the code - here 5, with its head and one washer inside the bracket (where the labels are engraved).

  • 3

    For metal gratings or grid pannels, place the bracket side holding the screw on the structure, with the screw through it.

  • 4

    Fit the clamp on the M12 screw at the other side of the bracket - and the structure in the case of grids or gratings, followed by one washer and the M12 wing nut. For wall mounting, place the tooth of the clamp in the notch labelled with the letter in the middle of the configuration code (here A).

  • 5

    In case of wall mounting, engage it between the bracket and the clamp. The M12 screw must remain perpendicular to the bracket, while put into contact with the wall edge.

  • 6

    Tighten the M12 with a 19mm spanner by holding the wing nut with your other hand. Stop screwing when you see either the bracket or the clamp (un)folding.

  • 7

    The last number of the code indicates the hole label where the lubricator (a,b) or splitter (c) outlet fits into, or alternatively the hole facing the indicating rod of the DB to be mounted (d). Refer to their own mounting guide to complete the installation.