Eliminating human error in lubrication for chamfering machine spindle bearings.


The project was implemented in a facility of a world leader in flat glass production, processing, and distribution for the construction and automotive industries, as well as the solar energy and high-tech sectors. This case study focuses on improving the lubrication of spindle bearings in a chamfering machine, as efficient operations are essential for producing high-quality beveled edges on glass.


The lubrication interventions for the spindle bearings were often spaced too far apart or completely forgotten. This inconsistency led to inadequate lubrication, resulting in increased wear and tear on the bearings. The human factor needed to be eliminated to ensure regular and reliable maintenance. Additionally, the high cost and time required for repairing mechanical components due to improper lubrication posed significant challenges to maintaining production efficiency.


To address these issues, a Memolub HPS lubrication system was installed, utilising Castrol's Tribol GR100-2 PD grease. The system was configured to expel 0.6 cm³ of grease every 24 hours, ensuring consistent and reliable lubrication. With this setting, one cartridge lasts for one year, eliminating the need for frequent manual interventions. By automating the lubrication process, the system ensures that the bearings are always properly maintained and eliminates the risk of human error.


The implementation of the Memolub HPS system resulted in several positive outcomes. There were no further mechanical interventions needed, as the lubrication process became highly efficient and reliable. The automated system provided consistent lubrication, which significantly reduced wear and tear on the spindle bearings. Since the installation of the Memolub HPS system, no lubrication-related problems have been reported. This solution has proven to be effective in maintaining the optimal operation of the chamfering machine while reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Memolub Glass Flat 4
Memolub Glass Flat 3
Memolub Glass Flat 2