Tackling lubrication challenges in high-stress environments.


A major player in the steel industry, located in the north of Spain, faced significant operational challenges with their stackers. These stackers are essential in the materials preparation sector, specifically involving the translation bogies and open drive gears. Operating under high loads with frequent start-stop cycles, these components demanded precise lubrication to maintain performance and durability. However, the existing lubrication method using lithium EP 2 grease in a centralised system was proving inadequate.


The primary challenge was finding the right balance in lubrication. Over-lubrication resulted in abrasive mixtures due to the surrounding dust, leading to excessive wear. On the other hand, minimizing lubrication to avoid dust mixture resulted in insufficient lubrication, also causing wear. Both scenarios led to excessive gear wear, necessitating intervention every five months. The total repair cost was approximately €6,000, which included €4,800 for components, 18 hours of labor for gear replacement, and €700 for workshop labor.


To address these challenges, we proposed the MEMOLUB HPS 480cc system with Castrol Optitemp OG 0 grease cartridges. This high-performance lubrication system is specifically designed for open gears under high stress. The automatic lubrication system ensured minimal but precise application of a specific grease, preventing the formation of abrasive mixtures with surrounding dust. This system optimized lubrication, significantly reducing gear wear and extending the components’ lifespan.


The implementation of this project brought remarkable improvements. The automatic system ensured optimal lubrication of the gears, eliminating the formation of abrasive mixtures with dust. This led to a significant reduction in gear wear, largely eliminating the need for frequent interventions. As a result, the lifespan of the components was greatly extended, enhancing the availability and reliability of the stackers. The company experienced a notable reduction in maintenance costs and downtime, maintaining their high operational standards in the steel industry.

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Memolub HPS

  • Reusable autonomous single & multi-point lubrication system.
  • Battery powered.
  • 25 bar ejection pressure.
  • Up to 8 outlets.
  • Remote installation up to 8 m.
  • 52 Settings.
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