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Memolub offers a range of class leading single & multi-point lubrication systems, recognised as the benchmark and undisputed reference point for electro-mechanical lubricators. The exceptional features and high quality manufacture of Memolub offers outstanding protection for lubricated equipment across a wide range of industrial applications. With presence in almost every industry, the versatility of Memolub is undeniable.

Memolub not only protects the moving parts of your machine, it protects the lubricant too. Excessive pressure applied to the lubricating grease causes oil separation. Back pressure generated by a lubrication system depends on a number of factors. The tubing diameter, the type of lubricant and the ambient temperature, are all major contributors but the most significant element is the speed/pressure ratio at which the lubricant is expelled.

Memolub’s unique method of operation and patented design eliminates this problem. With any Memolub automatic lubrication system, the lubricant can now travel to the lubrication point without the need for excessive pressure. The lubricant remains in its premium condition offering substantially improved lubrication of your machinery.

The company was founded in 1991, Brussels, Belgium wherefrom the Memolub product range is exported to more than 70 countries worldwide eversince.

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What's in it for you?


Increased safety

High output pressure makes remote-lubrication of difficult or dangerous lube points possible.

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Flawless reliability

Patented technology delivers lubricant at the right place, in time and at the right quantity.


Economical savings

Reduced lubricant consumption minimised machineries maintenance costs and COO.


Improved sustainability

A reusable base unit, with robust design that offers precise metering & placement of lubricant minimises (lubricant) waste.

The evolution of automatic lubrication

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Founded in 1987 Memolub soon designed a reliable lubrication system. It was better than the inefficient spring or gas systems that were being employed back in that time. Memolub was based on electro mechanical technology, which for the first time ensured an outstanding level of lubrication at a fraction of the cost. Ever since Memolub continues to lead the way in lubrication technology, constantly bringing new and improved performance lubricators on the market.

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