Lubricate pivot pins on fixed satellite antennas.


A digital communication and satellite manufacturer products range from communication microprocessors to fixed satellite antenna systems; and their customers range from telecommunication companies to military and government agencies. One of their customers called looking for an easier way to lubricate/service these antennas.


The customer seeking for help was particularly concerned about the lubrication of a pivot point just below the dish that was very difficult to access with a grease gun and that required some creative (and rather unsafe) manoeuvring by the lube tech to get to. The technician would literally tether himself to a ladder, and swing out to catch the zerk at the right angle. Doing this once or twice a week on over a dozen antennae was an undesirable task at this site.


With the installation of 2 MEMOLUB® EPS automatic lubricators per installation, the client was able to not only service the pivot point, but all their lube points. The MEMOLUB® EPS automatic lubricators run off the same 110VAC that powered the satellite’s control systems. Currently, the 3rd shift manager at this site turns the lubricators on when he clocks in and turns them off at the end of his 12 hour shift. The lubricators fire once an hour when on.


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Memolub EPS Satellite Antenna 2
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Memolub EPS 2022 Grouped

Memolub EPS

  • Reusable single & multi-point lubrication system.
  • 24V powered.
  • 25 bar ejection pressure.
  • Up to 8 outlets.
  • Remote installation up to 8 m.
  • 52 Settings.
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