carcass transport in a meat processing plant.


In a meet processing plant, the transport of carcass' from one to another processing area is done by slings sliding by gravity on linear rails. Approximately 10.000 slings pass by every 15 hours.


As there is no lubrication planned, both rail and slings show traces of heavy wear. As a consequence, operators have to push the carcasses manually, leading to a dangerous and inefficient operation. Some patch-work is done during production, where operators climb on a stepladder to manually lubricate the rail with a brush and some oil.


The installation of a MEMOLUB® DS18 with 4 outlets to lubricate directly on the rail.


  • Rail and sling wear reduced by 50%.
  • Less manual operation, whether greasing or advancing the carcasses resulting in a safer operation.
Memolub ds 1 2

Memolub® DS

  • Reusable multi-point lubrication system.
  • 24V powered.
  • 70 bar ejection pressure.
  • Up to 20 outlets.
  • Remote installation up to 20m.
  • PLC driven settings if desired.
  • Flexible pumping cycle settings.
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