Conveyor chains in high-temperature baking oven at a car production facility.


This case study examines the lubrication process for conveyor chains in a baking oven at a major automotive manufacturing facility. The oven operates at a temperature of 300°C, requiring robust lubrication to ensure the smooth operation and longevity of the conveyor chains. Previously, lubrication was performed manually using a brush system with MOLUB ALLOY SUSPENSION HTGU, which required weekly maintenance.


The existing lubrication system relied on 40 reservoirs, each with a 120 ml capacity, which needed to be manually filled by an operator. This process involved opening and closing valves to lubricate the chains, making it a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. The high frequency of maintenance and the manual nature of the operation posed significant efficiency challenges.


To address these issues, 40 MEMOLUB ONE units were installed, each equipped with MOLUB ALLOY SUSPENSION HTGU cartridges. The system was equipped with the green memo setting, expelling 2.4 cm³ of grease per day with expulsions every 6 hours. The Memolub systems were set to lubricate every three months, significantly reducing the frequency of maintenance and eliminating the need for manual intervention.


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