Lubricating the bearings of a mine stacker.


A French mining company operates a stacker to excavate iron ore. The bearings on the conveyor belt of the stacker are lubricated by a gas driven automatic lubricator.


The installed gas driven lubricator operates inconsistently and does not empty itself as desired. In addition, the placement of the current system is dangerous, as it puts the operator in danger when replacing them.


The replacement of the gas-driven lubricators by a reliable electro-mechanical driven MEMOLUB® EM lubricator resulted in a consistent lubrication of the stackers bearings. The units where installed 2m away from the lubrication point on a remote location.


  • Thanks to the precise operation of the MEMOLUB┬« EM units, the replacement date of the systems consumables is now accurately predictable.
  • The operator is now able to recharge the system in a safe and secure way.
Memolub EM Mine Stacker 1
Memolub EM Mine Stacker 2
Memolub EM Mine Stacker 3
Memolub EM Mine Stacker 4
Memolub EM 120

Memolub® EM

  • Reusable autonomous single point lubrication system
  • Battery powered.
  • 10 bar ejection pressure.
  • Use with grease or oil.
  • Remote installation up to 2 m
  • 2 settings
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