Automating lubrication for hospital laundry machine bearings.


This case study focuses on the lubrication of turbine bearings in a Jensen folding machine, type JENROLL EX12, used in a hospital laundry. The bearings operate at a temperature of 65°C on the bearing surface. Effective maintenance is crucial for the machine’s smooth operation and longevity.


The maintenance team is understaffed, leading to irregular and infrequent lubrication due to forgetfulness. The inconsistency in lubrication resulted in premature wear and a short lifespan for the components. Additionally, the high temperature at the bearing surface exacerbates the need for regular lubrication. The manual lubrication process was unreliable, further contributing to the reduced durability of the machine parts and increased downtime for repairs.


A Memolub HPS system was installed in a single-point configuration, using Tribol GR 400 2 PD grease. The system was set to lubricate every six months, ensuring consistent and reliable lubrication without manual intervention.


The introduction of the Memolub HPS system resulted in automatic lubrication, eliminating the issue of forgetfulness. The bearings are now checked every three months, ensuring they remain in optimal condition. This solution has significantly improved the reliability and lifespan of the turbine bearings, reducing maintenance workload and enhancing operational efficiency in the hospital laundry.

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Memolub® HPS

  • Reusable autonomous single & multi-point lubrication system.
  • Battery powered.
  • 25 bar ejection pressure.
  • Up to 8 outlets.
  • Remote installation up to 8 m.
  • 52 Settings.
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